May 9th - Dreamcatchers & a Drink at Fischmans


May 9th - Dreamcatchers & a Drink at Fischmans


DATE: Thursday, May 9th

TIME: 6:30-8:30pm

VENUE: Fischman Public House & Bottle Shop, 4054-4058 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, 60641

We will gather for an evening of dreamcatchers, drinks, popcorn and great company at Fischmans! I will teach you how to create the dreamcatcher web. After your web is complete, you'll embellish the dreamcatcher with fringe, feathers, yarns, ropes other unique materials. I will help guide you with designing, knotting, measuring and the overall look of your piece. Everyone will complete their unique dreamcatcher during class so it is ready to hang the minute you get home! Your finished piece will be nicely sized at approximately 7” wide by 25” long.


  • One complimentary drink (thank you Fischmans!)

  • Bottomless popcorn

  • Enough dreamcatcher materials to completely create your piece

  • Gold ring to create your dreamcatcher web

  • Variety of colored string for the web

  • Several embellishment options like feathers, yarn and rope to add to your unique design

  • Neutral and bright color options

  • Unlimited demonstrations and guidance throughout the class

Workshop tickets are nonrefundable. If necessary, you can transfer your ticket into someone else's name.


"This is my favorite class so far! Amy was super helpful with all the tips and advice on how to make the dreamcatcher, and the result was amazing for everyone. Plus, making a dreamcatcher was super relaxing and I felt really great with what I made by the end of class!" - Alex M.

"This class was so much fun! Amy walked us through the process and helped us get started. She taught us how to switch colors, add embellishments, and helped out when I got tangled. Such a relaxing activity, great host, and a wonderful end product!" - Tammy.

"Loved the class!! Amy's a great teacher and it was so nice to walk out with a finished piece. The cost of the class was very reasonable." - Erin S.

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